TAMKO Presents Donation to Joplin NALA

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. recently donated $5,000 to the Joplin Neighborhood Adult Literacy Action (NALA), an organization that serves to foster and strengthen literacy skills to enable learners to reach their full potential. The organization’s mission is to “close the book on literacy” through recruiting and tutoring adults who need help in reading, writing, math, and/or English as a second language, to provide programs to increase the family’s awareness of the value of reading, and to coordinate with community resources. NALA also recruits and trains volunteers.

Recently, NALA endured a $12,000 reduction in funding from another organization. To help the organization deal with the budget shortage, TAMKO presented a $5,000 check to NALA. After NALA reached out to TAMKO for assistance, the donation was presented on behalf of TAMKO and its President and CEO David Humphreys on August 18, 2016.

TAMKO is a leading privately-owned manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products, headquartered in Joplin. In addition to providing quality building products and outstanding service, it is TAMKO’s mission to support the communities where it is located.

TAMKO was proud to support such an amazing cause. NALA provides instrumental services and programs to Joplin families. In the United States, illiteracy is a major problem that’s often overlooked. According to the NALA website, millions of adults in America are illiterate, with millions barely able to read. Children who are raised in households with an illiterate parent are 50% more likely to not perform well in school, to drop out of school, and to be illiterate themselves. NALA helps close the literacy gap and empower Joplin families.


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