TAMKO Building Products Honored for Exemplary Ethics

TAMKO Building Products, Inc. was recently recognized for exemplary personal ethics and maintaining a strong, ethical, and compliant culture by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE). The company — which manufactures roofing products, railing and decking products, waterproofing, cements, and coatings — was awarded the organization’s highest award for “exemplifying the best a company can be in valuing, practicing, and upholding the best in organizational ethics and compliance.”

TAMKO was honored at the SCCE’s Annual Awards Banquet, where Tim Whelan, TAMKO’s executive vice president, accepted the award on behalf of the company’s leadership team.

“These values are not new and they weren’t adopted because of government requirements,” Whelan said when accepting the award. “They were established decades ago by prior generations of leadership and consistently communicated and enforced. These values reflect who we are and we are blessed to get to lead from this foundation.”

Art Weiss, TAMKO’s Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer, serves on the SCCE Executive Board and on the faculty of the Basic Compliance and Ethics Academies. In the March/April 2012 issue of SCCE’s magazine, TAMKO’s philosophy was featured as the cover story.

“In many of the discussions that I have had with compliance professionals, I have shared TAMKO’s philosophy of treating others with dignity and respect, our Rule of Basic Honesty, and David Humphreys’ metaphor about keeping your conduct between the hash marks,” Weiss said.

TAMKO is a family-owned company, and David Humphreys, the grandson of TAMKO’s founder, is the company’s current President and CEO. Under his leadership, the company has continued to uphold the honest and ethical values on which it was founded.

“This is the first time that SCCE has given an award to a leadership team for being a role model for leadership support for compliance and ethics,” Weiss said. “I speak to many compliance professionals who are looking for advice on how to gain the support of their senior management for the compliance program. In those organizations, the culture is just not there. That is what makes TAMKO so unique and what was recognized by SCCE.”

The SCCE has been acknowledging ethical individuals and organizations since 2005.


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